Our Story

It started with an all-too-familiar ritual for women, a trip to the cosmetic counter at an upscale downtown department store with charge card in hand. Caroline , co-founder of PRE, would spend $300 on skincare products without thinking about it. But this time, her then-fiance and now husband and business partner was with her and saw the transaction. For Maury , it was a turning point, planting the seed for developing the skincare line, Pure Radiant Energy. Three hundred dollars? Surely creams and lotions did not have to be that expensive.

Immediately the idea was conceived! Maury and Caroline set out to create elite quality, unisex products that would sell for a fraction of the price. They sat down and listed what they thought would make up the ideal product line. First, environmentally friendly, natural ingredients and small-batch manufacturing for freshness, were a must. Second, animal-based ingredients and animal testing were forbidden. Third, and most important, was and always will be serious, serious quality.

In The

We believe in supporting our community. Since opening in 1997, we have been actively involved in numerous charities and organizations such as: Canadian Breast Cancer, Heart & Stroke, AIDS Vancouver, Downtown Eastside Women, numerous local schools and community organizations.

In the next few months, the couple researched and developed the idea of selling their own Vancouver-made skin, hair, and bath products. After meeting with and interviewing numerous experts, they found their cosmetic chemists. Together they spent the next three years in the lab perfecting their formulations.

Shortly after, with cutting edge, natural ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Vitamins A, C, E & B5, Glycosaminoglycans, and Plant Polypeptides incorporated into their industry-leading products, Maury and Caroline opened their first store in April 1997.

Today, Pure Radiant Energy products are found across Canada, the United States, and parts of Asia.