Anti-aging: Better skin care at ANY age!

Age may be "just a number", but around the time that it starts to announce itself on your face, you may be wondering how you can keep that number to yourself. And while a host of potions promise to keep your skin looking as young as you feel, it can be hard to figure out which ones actually work. Here are some solutions for your most PRE'ssing skin-care problems.

Anti-aging skin care in your 30's

Anti-aging skin care in your 40's

Anti-aging skin care in your 50's to 60's


Anti-aging Skin Care in your 30's

Problem: Fine lines; uneven skin tone

You can thank three decades of sun exposure for these.

lf you are not already using a daily moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher, start
slathering it on. Try PRE's oil-free Daily Defense Lotion or super-hydrating
Daily Defense Cream.

You should also incorporate a few other age-busting ingredients such as
antioxidants into your routine. Environmental assaults create free radicals -
molecules that break down collagen and elastin, the supportive fibers that make
your skin firm and elastic. When the fibers start to disconnect, skin wrinkles and
sags. Antioxidants destroy free radicals, protecting existing collagen and elastin
and stimulating the production of new collagen.

Dermatologists have been buzzing about the effectiveness of Coenzyme Q10,
Plant Polypeptides, Vitamins C, E & A, and Green Tea. All PRE products
contain Green Tea extract. Vitamins E & A can be found in most of PRE's face
care products. As well, PRE's Vitamin Serum, Boost Serum, Revive Serum
and Revitalize Skin Therapy Cream contain various potent combinations of the
above effective ingredients.

Glycolic acid (from sugar) can also help by sloughing off the dead cells that
make skin look dull. Find Glycolic acid in PRE's Purifying Tea Tree Toner,
Revitalize Skin Therapy Cream, Radiance Renew Masque and Exfoliating
Mango Body Butter.

Problem: Wrinkles around the eyes

The skin surrounding the eyes is thinner and more sensitive. While regular facial
moisturizers can keep the skin supple, eye creams and serums are usually
gentler for this delicate area.

Make sure the formulations you choose include good antioxidants. If you need
a little extra help, look for ingredients like Cucumber Extract to reduce puffiness;
Calendula to cool and soothe or Bearberry Extract to lessen dark under-eye
circles. PRE's oil-free Eye Repair Serum firms, tightens and combats puffiness
& dark circles with a revolutionary combination of effective plant extracts and
plant polypeptides. PRE's Eye Renewal Cream gives incredible hydration with
Primrose Oil and Vitamins A & E.

Problem: Breakouts

Up to 50 per cent of women and men over age 25 have adult acne. Hormones
are the problem. When levels of androgens, the testosterone-like chemicals
responsible for acne, rise in women just before your period, for instance, or for
men and women whenever you are particularly stressed - your oil glands go into
overdrive, causing clogged pores and sometimes leading to acne flare-ups.

To target breakouts without over drying your skin, wash your face twice daily
with PRE's gentle soap-free and oil-free Papaya Cleansing Gel and avoid
harsh toners that contain alcohol. PRE's Purifying Tea Tree Toner is the
perfect choice. Tea Tree has natural healing and antibacterial properties. Use
a noncomedogenic (non-pore-clogging) moisturizer with moisture-attracting
humectants like Sodium Hyaluronate, but stay away from pore blockers such as
mineral oil and lanolin, both of which are never found in the PRE line.
PRE's Cactus Hydrating Gel gives a boost of moisture without oil and leaves
the skin with a matte finish.

For a great pimple busting spot treatment, try PRE's Clear Blemish Solution Serum. It is a quick healing treatment to combat blemishes/breakouts. It is supercharged with Vitamin Phosphates for rapid, effective reduction of redness and Salicylic Acid for antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory properties. Tea Tree Oil purifies and Bearberry Extract evens skin tone.

Anti-aging Skin Care in your 40's
(also refer to anti-aging in your 30's)

Problem: Blotchy skin; dark spots

A splotchy appearance stems from a combination of skin type and sun exposure.
The lighter your skin, the more freckling, broken blood vessels, and blotchiness
you are likely to experience as you age. If you were once prone to acne, it is likely
that the dark red spots are the remnants of past blemishes.

PRE's Vitamin Serum uses Vitamins C, A & E to help even out skin tone and
improve clarity and texture. It also helps to diminish fine lines by stimulating
Collagen and Elastin production, mildly exfoliates and firms.

PRE's Revive Serum is a super concentrated formulation containing Plant
Polypeptides and Bearberry Extract. It visibly firms the skin, minimizes the

appearance of wrinkles, soothes and softens lines and discolouration.

Problem: Dull/dry, rough skin, fine lines

As you age, the amount of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring chemical
that helps keep skin firm, begins to decline, affecting your skins ability to
retain moisture causing fine lines and wrinkles. Oil production also slows
down, reducing natural lubrication. To help counteract these changes, PRE
incorporates Sodium Hyaluronate (a plant derived version of Hyaluronic Acid)
into all of its face lotions and creams. PRE also uses natural oils such as
sesame, evening primrose, meadow foam seed and shea butter to seal in
moisture. PRE's Revitalize Skin Therapy Cream brightens, polishes, nourishes,
plumps and hydrates the skin with a unique combination of Sodium Hyaluronate,
Coenzyme Q10, Glycolic Acid, Vitamins C, A & E, Shea Butter, Sesame and
Meadow Foam Seed Oils.

Anti-aging Skin Care in your 50's to 60's
(also refer to anti-aging in your 30's and 40's)

Problem: Sagging skin

The neck area, not unlike the eye area or around the mouth, can also announce
your age. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are one of those
people that want to keep the number to yourself, PRE does offer some fantastic
products to assist with the neck area. Glycolic Acid, Plant Polypeptides and
good Antioxidants can help to smooth out some of the fine lines on the surface,
fade brown spots, and improve skin tone, all of which help give the neck a
younger look. PRE's Revive Serum, Boost Serum, Vitamin Serum and
Revitalize Skin Therapy Cream all contain intense active ingredients to help
firm and tighten sagging skin.


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